Prince George Citizen article: “Filmmaker Focuses on the Highway of Tears”

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Dear Friends,

Please find this article “Filmmaker Focuses on the Highway of Tears” written by Mark Nielsen of the Prince George Citizen about our project “She Has a Name”. While the headline reads Highway of Tears, the film will deal with some larger issues we discovered during our travels. Personally, I find it difficult to include the missing and murdered women into one specific group. Each young woman is an individual that was loved by their families and friends. Each were special to those they knew in their short lifetime. I sincerely hope our team achieves its goal in building awareness on the subject and that we can sustain the interest over a long period to ensure we never stop searching for the victims, not to mention, catch the person(s) responsible for these heartless acts. And in the case of those young women still missing, our hearts go out to their families in hopes their find their loves ones.

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Dreamcatcher in the woods with Matt Smiley

Dreamcatcher in the woods with Matt Smiley


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