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Tic Tac Night at the Writer’s Room in Hollywood

Tic Tac Night at the Writer's Room
Tic Tac Night at the Writer’s Room

I’m excited to host a fun night at the Writer’s Room, located in the back alley of Supperclub in Hollywood tonight with my good friend and excellent DJ, Discowhat. Come by, have drink, check out the Mr. Brainwash artwork on the walls and dance the night away. Get inspired to create and never forget to smiley.

For any sepcial requests or guest list rsvp, please email:

Have a wonderful weekend! Can’t wait to share my new artwork soon!

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Tony Roman – Lessons of a Life Lived in the Arts: the road to creativity and artistic freedom

Matt Smiley and Tony Roman
Matt Smiley and Tony Roman

Every so often a memory of my late good friend and mentor Tony Roman pops into my head. I met Tony as a kid in Montreal, then lost track of him for several years when he moved to Los Angeles. Our paths crossed again when I was 17 and getting into my artistic groove of acting and writing. Tony had a long resume of successes in the Quebec French music scene. He produced Les Baronets, a famous band in the mid-60s with a then singer, René Angélil (Céline Dion’s Husband) and won the hearts of many women with his hit songs as a singer himself. He was a musical icon in Quebec, then moved on to make films, like “Ladies Room” with John Malkovich and “Camping Sauvage” a Quebec box-office hit in 2004.

As 2012 comes to a close in the next few of days, I have a million reasons to be thankful for the support Tony gave me in the early steps of my career. He was a big dreamer and taught me never to give up. The world was an endless supply of possibilities. Whenever an obstacle came his way, he’d do just about anything to tackle it.

Tony and I worked on three scripts together. One day I’ll gather enough courage to dig them out of my computer archives and make something out of them. Tony provided the artistic insanity to our collaborations. I worked structure and did my best to blend in a youthful point of view… no idea was ever discarded. Tony viewed scriptwriting the same way a musician would look at a recording session. There was always a sense of experimentation with scenes, dialogues and far-fetched stories.

I learned that great art takes dedication and hard work. Talent will make you fly high above the clouds and bring it all together in one cohesive manner, but without those countless hours locked away in an office writing, painting, playing music, or doing whatever creative endeavor you choose to do… you won’t get there… it takes patience to succeed.

Tony passed away of cancer in June of 2007 at the age of 64. I’ve since met many artists who have filled the void of a creative mentor, but his belief in my potential early on will never be forgotten.


I’m excited to get started on helping one of my favorite charities organize a big Hollywood bash in April (hopefully) to raise some funds to battle the demons that have managed to break countless hearts around the globe as our family members, friends, loved ones, mentors, acquaintances, neighbors and idols leave our earth prematurely. Hopefully one day we’ll find a cure.

In the meantime… Play it again Tony…

Tony Roman Singing: Crier Crier Crier

Tony Roman (et ses dauphins) singing: Sha la la


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RITUALS – FOSTER THE PEOPLE – 62,000 HITS – What does it take to make it to 100,000?

Hello Everyone!

If you haven’t seen it yet, or shared it, watch the premiere episode of RITUALS. There’s a ton more that THRASH LAB will be producing. Here’s a little behind the scenes pic from the shoot:

Foster the People - Rituals - Behind the scenes
Foster the People – Rituals – Behind the scenes


Have an awesome week!



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RITUALS premiere episode featuring FOSTER THE PEOPLE!!

Dear Friends:
I am still in northern British Columbia working on my documentary “She Has a Name”. We have been on the road the last few days in remote forestry areas, but remaining in Prince George until the end of the week. I’m humbled by the outreach the community has had in supporting the project and help build awareness for violence against women.
I did want to take a moment and share a link to the premiere episode of “RITUALS: FOSTER THE PEOPLE”.

“Rituals” is a short documentary series showing an intimate look into the lives of artists – bands, comedians, actors, painters, etc. leading up to “what they do”. Their ritual. Gonzo reporting with a camera.
If you don’t already own their album, buy it:
Enjoy a little taste of Foster the People rocking it out in Guadalajara!
Best wishes,
Photo credit: Andy Barron
Mark Foster = @fosterthepeople Mark Pontius = @mrpontwee Cubbie Fink = @cubbiefink Isom Innis = @isominnis Sean Cimino = @iamseancimino

presented by Thrash Lab
Directed by Brinton Bryan
Produced by Matt Smiley and Brinton Bryan
Executive Produced by Anthony Batt, Ashton Kutcher and Kashy Khaledi
Co-Produced by Daniel Robles Madrigal
Production Coordinated by Bennet Silverman
Edited by Mariana Blanco
Assistant Edited by Rebecca Votta