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“RITUALS: Mr. Brainwash” directed by Ace Norton

I am pleased to announce the launch of “RITUALS: Mr. Brainwash”

Mr. Brainwash
Mr. Brainwash Art Show 2011 Los Angeles
Mr. Brainwash Art Show 2011 Los Angeles
Mr. Brainwash Art Show 2011 Los Angeles signing autographs for fans
Mr. Brainwash Art show 2011
Mr. Brainwash Art
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RITUALS – FOSTER THE PEOPLE – 62,000 HITS – What does it take to make it to 100,000?

Hello Everyone!

If you haven’t seen it yet, or shared it, watch the premiere episode of RITUALS. There’s a ton more that THRASH LAB will be producing. Here’s a little behind the scenes pic from the shoot:

Foster the People - Rituals - Behind the scenes
Foster the People – Rituals – Behind the scenes


Have an awesome week!



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RITUALS premiere episode featuring FOSTER THE PEOPLE!!

Dear Friends:
I am still in northern British Columbia working on my documentary “She Has a Name”. We have been on the road the last few days in remote forestry areas, but remaining in Prince George until the end of the week. I’m humbled by the outreach the community has had in supporting the project and help build awareness for violence against women.
I did want to take a moment and share a link to the premiere episode of “RITUALS: FOSTER THE PEOPLE”.

“Rituals” is a short documentary series showing an intimate look into the lives of artists – bands, comedians, actors, painters, etc. leading up to “what they do”. Their ritual. Gonzo reporting with a camera.
If you don’t already own their album, buy it:
Enjoy a little taste of Foster the People rocking it out in Guadalajara!
Best wishes,
Photo credit: Andy Barron
Mark Foster = @fosterthepeople Mark Pontius = @mrpontwee Cubbie Fink = @cubbiefink Isom Innis = @isominnis Sean Cimino = @iamseancimino

presented by Thrash Lab
Directed by Brinton Bryan
Produced by Matt Smiley and Brinton Bryan
Executive Produced by Anthony Batt, Ashton Kutcher and Kashy Khaledi
Co-Produced by Daniel Robles Madrigal
Production Coordinated by Bennet Silverman
Edited by Mariana Blanco
Assistant Edited by Rebecca Votta
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10 days to Thrash Labs launch!

Good Morning Everyone!

I took a little bit of a break from posting to finish up a script I plan on shooting this summer and prepare for a very special documentary I will be directing in the coming weeks. As soon as the details are finalized, I will be sharing the project with you.

We’re now officially 10 days away from the launch of Thrash Labs Rituals. Keep tuning in and watch your favorite artists, bands, creators and innovators. If there is every a subject that you think would be awesome to watch, share your thoughts on my message board, as I will follow up on them.

I’ve also booked a great big popular venue in july for my next art showing. The pieces will be large and showcase a little bit of the Los Angeles underground party circuit. I’m really excited to share my new work soon!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are all ready for the week. Go for your dreams!




ps. On Friday, I had a fun outing with my good friends, Aly and AJ. Be sure to follow them on twitter (@78violet) for updates on their upcoming TV shows, movies and music!

Aly and AJ Michalka with Matt
Matt Smiley at Supperclub