Stairs to Hollywood Sign

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I live just down the street from the Hollywood sign, so whenever I’m in town, my daily routine consists of waking up and taking my dog River for a hike through the mountains, or to the stairs. This morning I opted for the stairs. Man, if you haven’t done it in a while, your body certainly fells the workout. As I write this, River is passed out by the door and will most likely be there for the next hour or so, before he’s ready to do it all over again.

My hands are still covered in paint my spray session yesterday. I’m hoping to get a few more pieces done today, so I can start shipping them to Canada for my show. I will post one picture by the end of the week to give you a sneak peek of the work to be included in the show.

In the next few blogs, I will slowly build towards tackling some deeper subjects that may be of interest to readers. I’m pretty sure no one wants to read about what I had for breakfast, who I had dinner with and how fast I can climb stairs. I will however begin to document the early stages of a film I am preparing to shoot in British Columbia this summer. I plan to simultaneously film a documentary based on the movie’s subject.

I just picked up a book off my shelf by John C. Maxwell “Make Today Count: the secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda”. I’ve started to read it and wanted to share the positive attitude. Here are some words that I will attempt to incorporate into my vocabulary today:

– I can

– I will

– I know

– I will make the time

– Absolutely

– I’m confident

– I’m sure

Don’t forget to do something creative today!




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