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I’ve attempted to write a few blogs over the last three years, but I’ve always ended up deleting what I wrote as I felt most of it was boring. I needed a purpose to write. And what that purpose was, is still a mystery to me, but I want to explore another writing medium aside from short stories, novels and screenwriting. There’s a ton of stories floating around my head and most of the time, they’re not worthy of a script, so maybe this is just the place to share them. Plus, it may just be fun to recount my adventures as I tackles new projects and make new friends along the way.

On Saturday, I flew back from Guadalajara Mexico where I was producing a show on Foster the People for Thrash Labs. I had never been to Guadalajara, so I was pretty excited for the trip. Plus, I knew I was in for a fun adventure with the band and my friend Brinton who was directing the episode.

We shot some fantastic footage that I’m excited to see edited and roll out to the public in the coming weeks. As we get closer to launching, I will keep you posted with updates, video snippets and behind the scenes footage.

This week, I’m focused on preparing for my art show that will run from April 6 to May 16 in Toronto. Aside from my entire street smelling like spray paint, I’m pumped to ship off my work and see what kind of response I get. I have never shared photos of my work online, but I will be releasing a few pictures in April.

Please enjoy this website as I continue to toy around with the design and the idea of making it much more of an interactive experience once I get enough material uploaded. It’s still in the concept phase.

Best wishes.



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