Highway of Tears

“Blackfish” Social Commentary Graffiti Art by Michael Beerens

By October 7, 2014 No Comments

Over the last few years, documentary films have managed to pave their way into the mainstream movie audience. Some well crafted documentaries have presented their findings in a way that touches our hearts. These real stories are changing the way we see the world. Many of these documentaries are self-produced and completed without the aid of production companies or distributors, so the politics of censorship rarely come into play.

While editing “Highway of Tears”, I spent countless hours studying the works of documentary filmmakers in an attempt to pinpoint how they captured the attention of the world. One doc in particular managed to gain the following and momentum never seen before in modern documentary filmmaking: “Blackfish”. The film premiered at Sundance and was then picked up by CNN Films. Below is an example of the social impact a film can have to inspire people to stand up against injustices.

This is a great piece of graffiti art by Michael Beerens. I hope you enjoy it and reflect on how this work was inspired by “Blackfish”.


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