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The sold out screening of ‘Highway of Tears’ on March 7th at the VanCity Theatre marks the official launch of our grass roots release in Canada.

By demand, we’ve added a special screening on Sunday March 8th (International Women’s Day) at 9:30pm (Rio Theatre, Vancouver).

Eventbrite - "Highway of Tears" (Vancouver) International Women's Day Screening

‘Highway of Tears’ is narrated by Canadian-born actor Nathan Fillion, who plays the title role in the TV series “Castle”. It is produced by Vancouver producer/actress, Carly Pope.

We will be announcing special Q&A guests very shortly.

Thank you all for your support!

"Highway of Tears" interviewee Doug Leslie - Rio theatre screening speaker
“Highway of Tears” interviewee Doug Leslie – Rio theatre screening speaker


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Napoleon by Punk Me Tender

Very pleased to be hosting the last night of PUNK ME TENDER‘s art showing at the Roosevelt Hotel this upcoming Saturday January, 17, 2015 from 9-11pm. The cocktail & art showing will be hosted by Jameson Black Barrel and Pernod Absinthe. Teddy’s will be introducing their new cocktail hour and lounge vibe for those that want a nice meeting place to start off your Saturday night.

For reservations & a detailed list of the art pieces available (pricing), please email:

Smiley Soda Pope Presents: Punk Me Tender Closing Art Event at Teddy's
Smiley Soda Pope Presents: Punk Me Tender Closing Art Event at Teddy’s

Following the art event, Rose Garcia and Good Boy will be hosting DJs RUBY SPARKS, GOOD BOY & a closing set by PUNK ME TENDER from 11pm-2am.

Teddy's at the Roosevelt Hotel
Rose Garcia & Good Boy Present: PUNK ME TENDER CLOSING PARTY at Teddy’s.

For bottle service and table reservations, please contact: (323) 466-7000. You can always email: and I’ll make arrangements for you.


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“Highway of Tears” wins BEST DOC at the Malibu Film Festival

"Highway of Tears" win Malibu Film Festival for best documentary
“Highway of Tears” win Malibu Film Festival for best documentary
Director Matt Smiley's "Highway of Tears" Winner: Best Documentary at the Malibu Film Festival 2014.
“Highway of Tears” Winner: Best Documentary at the Malibu Film Festival 2014.
Mavis Erickson and director Matt Smiley
“Highway of Tears” wins BEST DOCUMENTARY at the Malibu Film Festival. Happy to share such a wonderful moment with Mavis Erickson at the Malibu Pier Restaurant & Bar.
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Be on the lookout for “Interference” directed by Christoph Lehmann that was shot in Saas-Fee, Switzerland. You can get updates directly from the filmmakers on their official Facebook page.

"Interference" starring Matthew Smiley, Alicia Gerrard, Derek Dean, Nadine Vinzens & Jurgen Prochnow.
“Interference” starring Matthew Smiley, Alicia Gerrard, Derek Dean, Nadine Vinzens & Jurgen Prochnow.
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Canada AM: Unraveling ‘Highway of Tears’ | CTV News

Director Matthew Smiley

With the premiere at the TIFF Human Rights Watch Film Festival on Thursday  March 6, director Matthew Smiley visits CTV News. He details how he came to tell the story of missing women and whether the police have done enough in these cases.

Matthew Smiley on CTV News talking about "Highway of Tears"
Matthew Smiley: Director of “Highway of Tears” on CTV News.

Here is a link to the interview:

Terry Teegee
Carrier Sekani Tribal Council Chief Terry Teegee in “Highway of Tears”

Narrated by Nathan Fillion, “Highway of Tears” chronicles the notorious, decades-long string of murders and disappearances of young Aboriginal women along British Columbia’s Highway 16, and how the systemic racism that defined their lives also contributed to their deaths. Since the late 1960s, at least eighteen young women — many of them from disadvantaged First Nations communities — have disappeared or been found murdered along the 724-kilometre stretchof Highway 16 in northern British Columbia. None of these cold cases were ever solved until 2012, when a special RCMP investigation was able to link DNA from one of the murder victims to deceased US criminal Bobby Jack Fowler; but this single answer has done little to heal the wounds of Aboriginal communities who have seen dozens of their young women vanish along the “Highway of Tears,” victims not only of murderous predators but of the systemic racism of a federal government that keeps them trapped on impoverished reservations and, as critics charge, evinced little interest in apprehending their killers. “Highway of Tears” not only movingly relates the personal stories of the victims, but investigates how the legacy of generational poverty, high unemployment and endemic violence in their communities contributed to their tragic fates — and how contemporary First Nations leaders are striving to cure those ills.

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If you live in Toronto, please come out and join us for the World Premiere of “Highway of Tears” at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival organized by TIFF. There will be a special question and answer peroid after the film, with Samer Muscati, Meghan Rhoad, Carly Pope and Matt Smiley. A few more special guests will be added in the next couple of days.

"Highway of Tears" official poster
“Highway of Tears” official poster

Tickets are going fast, so if you plan to attend, please purchase your tickets ahead of time to ensure you’ll be able to attend.

More information will be released in the next couple of days. Thank you so much for all your support!