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In-N-Out is so Tasty!!

So happy there’s finally and In-N-Out in Toronto & Hong Kong. There’s no better burger.

There are a few things that make Los Angeles the special destination that it is and one thing that you can’t visit without doing is eating one of their famous burgers and animal-style fries. Everything is fresh and made to order.

Source: The Ultimate Guide To Hacking The In-N-Out Menu

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The next show I need to Binge Watch |Game of Thrones | Vanity Fair

With so many new shows on television I somehow managed to not watch a single episode of Game of Thrones until a few weeks ago during a break from editing. I was completely hooked. I’m now bracing myself for a summer packed with great television!



Source: Game of Thrones: Jon Snow Will Meet the Night’s King at Hardhome | Vanity Fair

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Matt Smiley shares stories from the road with Reel West Magazine

I’m finally back in Los Angeles after spending the last three and a half months on the road touring with “Highway of Tears”. It was nice to catch up with Reel West journalist, Katja De Bock to reflect on the past few months and the momentum our film has gotten.

We’re looking forward to announcing more dates soon and finally releasing the film to the general public at the end of the summer.

For more information, check out Katja’s article below.

Those who remember the lineups for the Vancouver screenings of the documentary Highway of Tears in March won’t be surprised the film is attracting crowds in other cities and towns, as well.The tireless actor-activist and Highway-director Matt Smiley reports from his travels in a conversation with Reel West:RW: The film’s Facebook page is filled with film screening events. Any idea how many kilometres you’ve traveled so far?

Highway of Tears
Highway of Tears

Source: Highway of Tears Documentary Hits the Roads | Reel West Magazine